Vincent Weltje

I'm a student, improving my media development skills.

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Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a 21-year-old student from The Netherlands. Currently I am studying media development at the creative community of SintLucas. I like coding and I am passionate about everything related to web development. I closely follow the most recent changes in and around web development. No matter what I code, whether a web application, CMS or just a simple webpage, I am always trying to improve my development skills. Want to see my portfolio, please feel free to take a look.




Funshopper is one of the many webpages I have developed during my internship at Oddessey Solutions. This website is built with a php framework called Codeigniter and it is available for mobile and desktop platforms.

PHP Codeigniter Ajax jQuery Less


This is a content management system which is meant to manage the content of a mobile application. I have build this system using a php framework called Codeigniter and also I used Bootstrap for the frontend.

Codeigniter PHP jQuery HTML5 Bootstrap


This app retrieves a six-day forecast of the current user location. I used the HTML5 geolocation API to get the location and also I used the Openweather API to get the forecast. This was a one-day project just to practise my PHP and Codeigniter programming skills.

Codeigniter HTML5 PHP jQuery Ajax

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